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What do modern parents expect from schools which are attended by their children? The research shows that security is the most appreciated asset. Where does this attitude come from? Maybe because many of us feel unsecure … . Maybe we do think that the world has become menacing for ordinary people … . We want to protect our children against evil.

Where is positive motivation? We protect against something bad. It is good, but is it sufficient? At the same time we show the way ... but where to? I guess some parents could start to wonder ‘I protect my child giving security, creating favorable conditions and removing possible obstacles. Let my child go wherever they want. They know better....’

And this is how many modern parents turn from a guide and a mentor to a security guard, an entertainer, a sponsor, and a service provider competing with another service providers for the favor of the customer – their own child.

The customer chooses - I am not bothering, I do not recommend, I am not suggesting.

Fortunately, however, many parents and teachers come with the conclusion that neutrality in education and in dealing with other people is not possible, it's basically a myth.

Either we want to show our child a specific direction or condemn them to dangerous wandering and insecurity.

If we are neutral, we say:

- I do not know the right direction, or;

- many directions are good, it’s up to you where to go;

- the most important is health and safety.

It is not surprising that for some time an effort is made to reflect on the words of John Paul II:

"Do not be afraid to bring up!" Do not be afraid to guide, to show the way, and to help. Do not limit yourselves to provide comfort and protection.

Where should we search for ideas? Our school offers clear rules and goals that are based on the Roman Catholic Church education. We wish for our students to become close to evangelical values and respect them. It is obvious that our traditions and civilization were built by those who had been following this way for ages. Our grandmothers, grandfathers and parents were aware of the fact that in everyday life we must stay prudent, brave, fair, kind, faithful, truthful and humble. And, above all, we must love and forgive – just like Jesus Christ does...

Dear Parents! Our school would like to support you in the effort of raising your children. However, the school cannot and should not replace you in these actions. We hope for your cooperation and engagement in that difficult educational process of the young people that have been entrusted to us.

The mission

The mission of St John Paul II Roman Catholic Primary and Junior High School in Śrem is upbringing and teaching children based on cooperation with parents, students and teachers. The result will be achieving cohesion in upbringing at school and at home.

The school will provide a supervisor (supporter) who will improve parents’ active role. They will help parents to create the good plan of upbringing so as to achieve educational and behavioral aim.

To achieve expected results, efforts must be systematic and steady. Not only should they contain authentic kindness and respect but also be consequent and challenging. The base of the work of the school are Roman Catholic rules and values which are taught by the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholic rules and values ought to be the base for the upbringing process which is included in the upbringing and prevention curricula which are coherent and feature environment built by teachers and form masters, ruled by the head teacher.

Roman Catholic values constitute the substantial part of the school concept. They are included in our everyday activities and tasks. Roman Catholic values are the source of inspiration for the relationship between a student and a teacher and their personal development.

The saint patron of our school is John Paul II. His life is an inspiration for our teachers in the children upbringing process.

The upbringing curriculum helps parents who require assistance in their children upbringing process. The Roman Catholic school is expected to support and continue their work based on commonly held concepts. Our school supports and assists family actions.

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